Instagramer’s Paradise

December 17, 2017 Pete Walker

I wonder, did the architect of Choi Hung Estate think way back in 1977, think to himself “so… if I paint the tower blocks bright colours and add a multicoloured basketball court to the top of the car park. in 40 years this will be a hipster paradise!”

If you own a camera or have Instagram I’m sure you have all seen (better?) images of this place and if you haven’t it’s worth a visit – just head to Choi Hung MTR exit C4 and follow the herds of people with camera’s and/or Hipster beards.

I took a stroll there last Friday with my mate Dan, unfortunately, neither of us are Hipster enough but we did our best.

Oh, and he might have just painted the buildings bright because Choi Hung is Cantonese for Rainbow.

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