Author: Pete Walker

December 27, 2017 Pete Walker

Hong Kong is a a city of constant movement, here is a few shot of a new study into that movement how people blur into the urban landscape.


December 19, 2017 Pete Walker

Kwun Tong is an older area of Hong Kong, known I guess primarily for its industrial building, however, it does have large residential community and the street around Kwun Tong Market are always bustling with activity.

Last Friday after doing to the unofficial Instagram Capital of Hong Kong, my mate Dan and I hope on the MTR to take a few shots around this area. Now wander around HK for the past 9 years, I have perhaps become immune to some of the sights in and around the wet markets but I find Kwun Tong quite a refreshing change. There is a real local feeling to it and the market traders just ignored us as we wandered through with a camera, not like some of the areas that have more tourist traffic.

The couple of hours I spent there were very refreshing and most of all enjoyable.

December 17, 2017 Pete Walker

I wonder, did the architect of Choi Hung Estate think way back in 1977, think to himself “so… if I paint the tower blocks bright colours and add a multicoloured basketball court to the top of the car park. in 40 years this will be a hipster paradise!”

If you own a camera or have Instagram I’m sure you have all seen (better?) images of this place and if you haven’t it’s worth a visit – just head to Choi Hung MTR exit C4 and follow the herds of people with camera’s and/or Hipster beards.

I took a stroll there last Friday with my mate Dan, unfortunately, neither of us are Hipster enough but we did our best.

Oh, and he might have just painted the buildings bright because Choi Hung is Cantonese for Rainbow.

December 15, 2017 Pete Walker

Until recently I was resident on Lamma Island, one of the outlying islands of Hong Kong. It a nice place with a vibrant community and beautiful scenery.

In tribute to my time there I have composed a gallery of Drone shots on the main village of Yung Shue Wan.


December 13, 2017 Pete Walker

Good Morning. Hong Kong MTR network can provide a venue for many interesting shots, one type that always catches my eye is the reflections along the platform door particularly in the stations with long straight platforms.

Here is one example taken in Wong Tai Sin a few weeks ago:

December 9, 2017 Pete Walker

This afternoon saw me take the short walk to Shek Kip Mei Park to witness Bloomberg HK Scotish fall 39 : 41 to Societe Generale Valley in a hard-fought game.

Obviously, I wasn’t just there to enjoy the game it was also to continue my series of black and white sports photography; where I am trying to give a retro feel to the images remeniscent of the days of Ilford HP5.

December 3, 2017 Pete Walker

Here shots shots from 2nd half of the HKHA Women’s Hockey Premier league game at King Park between KCC A and HKCC A.

December 2, 2017 Pete Walker

Today saw me heading to King Park ti watch Kowloon RFC face off against Bloomberg HK Scottish in the latest round of the Hong Kong Rugby Union Men’s Premiership; with Bloomberg HK Scotish coming away the victory 21 : 49.




November 13, 2017 Pete Walker

I’ve just returned from a 2-week scuba diving holiday in Pattaya; while this wasn’t primarily a photography trip I did back my Canon EOS M3 to capture some of what can only be described as interesting sites on a couple of occasions I when out for a wander in the evening.

October 4, 2017 Pete Walker

Earlier today I witnessed the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Festival where a 67-metre (220-foot) long dragon snakes around the network of narrow paths in the historic Tai Hang area of Hong Kong. The dragon is made of thousands of burning incense sticks and is a tradition that started in around 1880 when Tai Hang Was still a coastal fishing village and it keeps plague away from the village.

Although, Tai Hang is no longer a fishing village under threat of plague the traditional still continues for each September/October around the time of the mid-autumn festival.

Below are my images from this evening, try to look out for the Art Garfunkel lookalike in the crowd and the minor HK celebrity busy with a selfie.