Month: April 2017

April 11, 2017 Pete Walker

Songkran is the New Year that is celebrated in Thailand, Cambodia & Laos. It is celebrated around the 13/14 April every year – it is also known as the water festival as it usually celebrated with a large water fight. Kowloon City is traditional the home of the Thai community in Hong Kong and it there on the closest weekend to the 13/14 April the Thai community (and the rest of Hong Kong) comes to celebrate.

Although there is some weather sealing on the Canon  5D Mark 3, I’m pretty sure it would be too happy if was to take several direct hits from a super soaker so I used the traditional cling film (glad wrap) around the camera technique for added peace of mind.

The Songkran is an extremely friendly affair with second you have a couple cups of water down your back and your face is covered in talc and your are ready to go. Old and young mix there is a party atmosphere with nothing but smiles and wet people to be seen.

Below are some images from this year.